Simple remedies to life 100 years without any medicines


Simple remedies to life 100 years without any medicines-The arrangement of western prescription in a large way makes DISEASES, Process is known as “Diseases Mongering”..READ MORE. The Indian Govt has acknowledged that the present arrangement of allopathic prescription is unequipped for tackling the simple weakness care circumstance in India.

In India, Just 25 to 30 odd Crores can be named healthy out of 125 crore individuals. Whatever remains of the population is experiencing a large number of health-related issues.

Today I have come up with a simple solution to living longer without the need of the medicines. The remedies that I have shown you are tried and tested and are { 100% guaranteed to work }.The remedies shown below are a brief summary of the book astanga hrdayam. the remedies listed below are applicable to everyone from all over the world.

Ashtanga hrdayam abstract of 8 days.

  • No water after nourishment for  1.5 hrs. You can drink water  1hr preceding nourishment. This is the most ideal approach to keep your weight adjusted and is likewise useful to decrease weight.
  • Warm water before anything else. Morning salivation is essential and ought to go into the body not wasted.
  • Utilize Lota rather than a tumbler. In our general public, we never had tumblers since lota is significantly more logical. The low surface strain is vital since it lessens weight levels in the body. The case of the drain to scrub the skin. A comparative thing occurs in the internal organ – low-pressure water hauls out the trash stopped in the digestive organ. This trash causes multitudinous afflictions.
  • You ought to dependably sit and drink water.
  • You ought to never drink chilly water. It ought to dependably be warm. Chilly water’s surface strain is higher. It likewise chills off the stomach consequently debilitating whatever is left of the organs since blood supply races to stomach.
  • Drink water of earth pots in extraordinary summer.
  • Eat nourishment taking a seat. Continuously sit in the leg over leg position.
  • You ought to never eat contradicting things. Like  Milk-curd, nectar ghee, ghee and gud go well together, Kathal-drain, drain citrus organic products aside from aamla.
  • Morning dinner inside 2.5 hrs of dawn. Night dinner before dusk. On the off chance that ravenous amid the very beginning can have gud-chana, gud-moongfali. An excessive amount of chikki ought to be trailed by Saunth or ginger.
  • Ought to eat privately developed nourishments. E.g. living in sweltering territory one ought not to eat much wheat as it developed in the cool climate. Bajra is hot so is rice, jowar. Bajra ought to be eaten with gud(jaggery) and ghee to adjust its warmth.

Solutions for most occurring diseases.

  • Restlessness means vaat is high – warmed cow ghee in nostrils before sleep time. Grunt gently. Different advantages are no terrible dreams, no interferences amid rest, enhanced memory for kids.
  • High BP –implies high corrosiveness in the blood. Take essential foodstuff. Methi, carrot, any natural products without juice – apple, banana, guava, coconut and so on palak, baigan. Lauki is most fundamental in veggies. Bringing down of corrosiveness will lessen Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight and so on. Methi seeds ought to be absorbed water medium-term and bit toward the beginning of the day. Water to be taken after seeds are bitten. Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are fundamental.
  • Asthma- is caused by an excessive amount of Vaayu. Utilize fundamental nourishment things like Daalchini, nectar, gud, coconut (up to 50 gm for each day). Til is additionally extremely compelling.
  • Mouth Ulcers- means your stomach is not clean. Savor water the morning to wash down digestive organ. In the event that this does not help take Borax 30 or 200 (take three portions) from a homoeopathic shop. Put few drops of Borax in water and take it in three sections.
  • Gathiya or Arthritis.- Never experience medical procedure. Atal Behari precedent Dr. Ranawat. Atal is totally on a wheelchair now. Fundamental sustenances Choona (can be taken in dahi, chhas, squeeze up to 2gm every day). Sound ppl can take up to 1gm every day. Methi seeds, Harshringar tree’s leaves are exceedingly essential. Bubble 4-5 leaves in water till it turns out to be half. Savor this the morning on void stomach like tea. It treats the two sorts of joint pain – rheumatoid and osteo.
  • Acidity – water is the best prescription when tanked gradually and at regular interims. fry ajwain and take it with black salt. Mishri is great yet gud is better. Drop sugar totally. Ajwain can be added to the menu – take it with dark salt after each feast if having a constant gastric issue.
  • Noodles –kachra lord. Noodles are made after maida is spoiled for 6-7 days. Pig substance
  • juice is added to noodles to make it delicious.
  • An excessive amount of sleep –implies you require a sort of base in the eating regimen. This is best accessible in choona. Take  Mattha or chhas with it.
  • Diabetes – 1 spoon every one of Methi and Triphala choorna ko Mila ke garam paani me rakh de aur subah utilize Chaba ke khaaye and drink the water. 3-4 mths the glucose will descend. Indeed, even diabetics can take gud and juices. Characteristic sugar isn’t hurtful (fructose) since it is effectively absorbable. Sugar is destructive.
  • Pathri or Kidney and Bladder Stones – never take limestone. Pakhan bhed medication. Make kaadhaa of this and drink. This equivalent prescription is accessible in Homeopathy by the name Berberis Vulgaris. Take mother tincture 10 drops a couple of times each day.
  • Thyroid – make a paste of coriander leaves and drink it with water. Just dhaniya leaves – no salt and so on 1 spoon to be taken. Is non dhaniya season this should be possible with sookha dhaniya.
  • Addictions –Quit alcohol and tobacco, cigarette – utilize Sankalp shakti. Else utilize go mutra not the ark. Saunth ka kaadha. 1.5 mths max.
  • White discharge – Shatavari can be utilized. Blend it with warm drain and drink during the evening.
  • Menstruation –Too much agony, stream, bothering, tingling and so on amid menses – vayu and pitta are high amid this time. Take cow ghee in exceptionally high temp water and drink like tea. Take 2-3 times each day. It will deal with your everything menstrual probs. Take this just amid menses.
  • Terrible breath – pet saaf rakho.
  • Haath Pahar sunn i.e. limbs are numb – eat choona.
  • Chilly and cough happen regularly – take nectar, gud or choona as it evacuates vata as well as kapha. Dairy animals ghee in the nose. Haldi is a kapha nashak. Haldi in drain with ghee is surprisingly better.
  • Tuberculosis – go mutra and not the ark. 3-4 months will be sufficient. Choona
  • Pitta problems – take bovine ghee. Ajwain and kala namak.
  • Hair loss – dahi ko taambe ke bartan mein rakhe 5-6 tempreture tak hit tak bahut khatta aur green na ho jaye. Put this on scalp & then massage after 1 hour put shikakai & wash your hair. Rehash once every week. Trifala subah gud ke saath khaayen. Nectar ke saath bhi le sakte hain.
  • Tonsillitis – haldi drain around evening time.
  • Uric acid – take more essential stuff. Best is go mutra not the ark.
  • Motapa or Overweight/Obesity – take more fundamental stuff. Methi, carrot, any natural products without juice – apple, banana, guava, coconut and so forth palak, baigan. Lauki is most fundamental in veggies. Bringing down of sharpness will lessen Tryglicerides, cholesterol, overweight and so forth you should absorb methi seeds water overnight  and bite it early in the day. You should take water subsequent to biting it . Gajar ko kaddu kas ke khaayen. All greens are fundamental. Take these for 3 mths. At that point to adjust this take amla for 3 mths. At that point back to gajar and so forth in a year you can without much of a stretch lose up to 33% of your weight. Take Amla any frame = 3-4 natural products proportional. .Take triphala in typical proportion if your are overweight since individuals with overweight are nutrient c and calcium shortage.
  • Bed wetting – khajoor kilao. Bubble little pieces in the drain.
  • Constipation – Triphala during the evening. Else drink drain with ghee during the evening. Not for more than 3 mths at once.
  • A backache – choona.
  • Weakness –Anjeer is valuable for the individuals who feel they need quality in body.
  • Dark circles under eyes – maalish with morning spit. Helpful for any skin issues.
  • Gau mootra- has no reactions. Body, in any case, flushes out the overabundance whenever taken.
  • Frozen yoghurt – never. Else drink boiling water blended with ghee. This will deal with the hurtful impacts of frozen yogurt.
  • Best salt is Sendha namak(rock salt) – pathar ke namak. Aides in BP and joint pain and so forth.
  • Dependence on liquor – gau mootra, ginger juice, Saunth ka kaadha. Gau mootra is generally essential. Smoking expands Sulfur in the body – the best alternative is gu mootra.
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